Home Tour – 2020 Tour Postponed

Blenman Elm Home and Garden Tour 2020

The Home and Garden Tour, originally scheduled for April, has been postponed until the Fall due to public health concerns over the coronavirus. No date has been set yet.

For more information contact: Patrice Lange at behometour@gmail.com

*A portion of the proceeds will go to the support of the Campus Pantry.

The self-guided tour will feature 8-10 homes and gardens along with a local business, showcasing a variety of architectural styles and landscaping concepts in this historic neighborhood close to the University of Arizona. Our theme this year is sustainable living in Tucson.

Blenman Elm is recognized as an architecturally significant part of Tucson, containing examples of 17 architectural styles. While early land speculators envisioned a neighborhood of bungalows and revival-style cottages, development from the late 1930s through the mid-1950s made it one of Tucson’s earliest ranch-style residential neighborhoods. Today, our neighborhood embodies an eye to the future with its increasing emphasis on sustainability in our desert environment.

Our feature home on the tour is a prime example of sustainability. This mid-century house was re-envisioned for green living by a professor in the University of Arizona’s Architecture, Sustainable Built Environments and Marketing programs. Originally built in 1948 in New Deal Acres sub-division, the house was thoroughly modern for the time, with a L-shaped living/dining room wrapped around a combined kitchen/laundry with two bedrooms and one bathroom accessed off a small hall on one end of the house, mirrored by a single-car garage on the opposite side of the living area. A comprehensive renovation completed over the course of 2019 updated the house and serves as proof-of-concept for an innovative idea about how homes in Tucson’s neighborhoods can contribute to a more sustainable future. It also incorporates a novel idea: that beyond its economic and environmental benefits, efficiency presents an opportunity to share carbon-neutral thermal energy with neighbors.

Bean Home

General Info about the Tour
The Neighborhood hosts a Home Tour every other spring. The tour showcases historic homes and businesses, with exceptional details and unique aspects that are a part of our diverse neighborhood.

Historically, the Tour has been held on Sunday afternoons from 12:30-5pm. There is food, music, and it’s fun for everyone. The self-guided tour can be taken walking, biking or feel free to drive as well. Each year we raise money for various neighborhood projects.

Our next Tour will be in the Fall of 2020.  Feel free to contact us at behometour@gmail.com

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