Site Status

This is the page where Margrit will keep track of what’s been done and what still needs to be done.


  1. Teresa and Margrit will select and customize the theme.
  2. Home Page: static, or “river of news” -?
  3. How to list Upcoming Events

Margrit is working with Alice and Teresa to improve content and styling.

Recently Done
12-July-2015: Content moved from the Drupal Gardens version of the website here.

Platform, Hosting and Maintenance

  • The site platform is WordPress, a content management system.
  • The hosting and software maintenance (including security) is handled by
  • Right now the site is free. See the WordPress pricing page for information about paid plans.
  • The site administrator is Margrit McIntosh,
  • Margrit will maintain the content (with help from others as needed)
  • The design / theme is currently using an off-the-shelf theme from WordPress.

Site Documentation: for those who have a user account on this site as Editor or Administrator, you can log in and then view the documentation pages:

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