Neighborhood ListServ Group

The new Listserv, a members-only email group whose members can posts topics of interest regarding the neighborhood to the whole membership, is hosted by

Joining is simple – just send an email to our board member, Joe Spitale, at and he will be glad to add you to the group.

How It Works: An email listserv is a members-only list of email addresses. When you send to the listserv, you send to everyone who is a member. Email can only be sent from an address that has been registered as part of the group. This system ensures that, (a) you will not get spam emails from the listserv, (b) when you send an email to the listserv it will go to everyone in the group.

2 thoughts on “Neighborhood ListServ Group

  1. Requesting contact name, phone number and email of who can help me get a box of Tucson’s Historic Neighborhoods guide. I am with the Tucson Visitor Center, which is now part of Pima County’s Southern Arizona Heritage &Visitor Center, and we would like to have this guide available to interested visitors. Please contact me. Thank you.

  2. please be advised that I have sold my home at 1940 E Drachman and will not be renewing my membership thank you far all the information and services you have provided

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