Red-Tag Ordinance

What are those bright orange stickers on windows of some houses?

Tucson has a “red-tag” ordinance which is enforced by the Tucson Police Department. You can earn one of these stickers on your window by hosting a gathering of five or more people who are creating a disturbance with excessive noise, drinking or underage drinking, or loud music — even excessive litter (such as discarded beer cans or cups) left over the next day. This excessive noise rule applies to any time of day!

Download the City of Tucson’s Red-Tag Ordinance Brochure.

Once a “red-tag” is awarded, it must remain on display in the front window for 180 days. Fines may also be assessed. Removal of the tag before the 180 days are up, as well as any repeat disturbances, will cause fines to escalate for both the residents and the property owner.  Of course, it could also result in an eviction, especially if the landlord was savvy enough to include a no-crime clause in the lease. Further, if UofA students are involved, it will be reported to the Dean of Students, who may impose further sanctions.

To report such disturbance:

  • Call 911.
  • Tell the dispatcher that your call is not an emergency.
  • Describe what you perceive is happening.
  • Give an address or location of the disturbance.
  • Ask the dispatcher for a case number.
  • The call can be completely anonymous!

TPD response is triggered by your phone call. If response to your call doesn’t occur in a timely manner due to other incidents of higher priority police action, citations may still be issued the following day.

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