Barking Dogs and Other Pet Sounds

Your neighbors know and are not always happy with the situation. To assist proper pet training we highly recommend the information available at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s Pet Behavior Library. Your canine friend will be happier when you address its needs and your neighbors will definitely appreciate your efforts.

Tucson also has a dog leash law–Fido must be on leash whenever he is out of your yard. There are a number of areas in local City parks where you may let your dog run free under your supervision. One of these is at Reid Park, near Country Club Rd. and 22nd Street. Please note that dogs are not allowed in neighborhood’s schoolyards, even on leash!

When walking your pet, please carry a bag or other receptacle with which to pick up after your pet. Pet waste must also be cleaned up from your yard every 24 hours and disposed of properly.


While there is no leash law for cats, please be advised that allowing your cat to roam unsupervised is unsafe. Aside from the obvious dangers of vehicles, there are coyotes and several predatory birds in our area. Cats can also be a nuisance to other neighbors, by spraying, using the neighbors’ yards as a litter box, or even upsetting housebound pets. Please keep your cats safe and help them to be good neighbors, too.

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