Driving and Parking

Driving & Pedestrian Safety

Blenman-Elm has been designated a “Walking-Friendly Neighborhood.” Many residents walk and jog in the streets (often with pets), University students walk and bike to classes, and young children walk and ride bikes to and from neighborhood schools. Preserve the safety of these neighbors and Blenman-Elm’s truly pedestrian friendly environment by observing speed limits and other traffic laws at all times–particularly in school zones.

Neighborhood Parking Permits

Some areas of our neighborhood (specifically in the SW quadrant near the UA) have designated residential parking areas and times. If you live in one of these zones and wish to park your car on the street, you must purchase a permit sticker from the City of Tucson. Guest permits are also available for an additional fee. Contact ParkTucson at (520) 791-5071. To avoid being ticketed in the neighborhood, here are some other parking regulations to keep in mind:

  • No parking in the “right of way” (generally the sidewalk area) in front of your house
  • No parking within 5 feet of a driveway or curb cut (even your own!!)
  • No parking within 10 feet of any alley
  • No parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  • No parking within 30 feet of any stop sign

Remember, too, that you may not park on the street if your vehicle has expired tags. You may also not park in some places for more than 48 consecutive hours. Any inoperable or unregistered vehicle must be kept out of sight or under cover.

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