Plant Swap Sept. 24 – Mark Your Calendars!

From Linda Phelan:

Once again the Garden District is hosting a huge plant swap and give away. It is always a fun and uplifting event and Mort and I will be giving away hundreds of plants from our gardens. I will post again as the time draws closer. We hope to see you there!

FALL PLANT SWAP AND GIVE AWAY – Saturday, Sept, 24. Start preparing for a Plant Swap and stockpile some favorite plants to share. A plant swap is where neighbors share, swap, or simply give away plants to neighbors. You might share cactus, bulbs, aloe, cereus, spider plant babies, agave, century plants, cuttings from geraniums, pothos, mint, etc. Also, seeds are wonderful to share at a Plant Swap — from wildflowers to veggies. Put your plants in papercups, plastic pots, or fancier containers. Be creative!! We’ve seen plants in shoes and old kids’ trucks.

— Linda Phelan and Mort Womack

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