New Congressional and Legislative Districts now final

According to the above article, “The new congressional district boundaries create three seats that lean Democratic, four seats that lean Republican and two that are more narrowly divided between the parties.”

Congressional districts map here:

State Legislature map here:

The Pima County Recorders Office says:

“The Independent Redistricting Commission OK’d new maps for AZ Congressional ( and Legislative ( districts. Your representatives may have changed, but in 2022 every Pima County Voter will automatically get an updated Voter ID Card!”

“Early next year we’ll be mailing new Voter ID cards to all 626,000+ Pima County voters. You can help ensure your card gets to you by updating your mailing address at”

As best I can tell, all of Blenman-Elm will be in Congressional District 7 (west of Country Club and south of Grant), and in Legislative District 20. I could be wrong about this so please comment on this post if I’m mistaken.

Screen shot of the new Tucson congressional districts (6 and 7). Use the link about to zoom in for more detail.

The new districts will be used for the 2022 General Election.

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