Upcoming Meetings 7/28 & 7/29

Here are links and dates for upcoming meetings (virtual).

Wednesday July 28 6:00 pm, Planning Commission Public Hearing on the ADU (Accessary Dwelling Unit development standards):

The live link will be posted on the Planning Commission Website under Join Meeting, 30 minutes before the meeting.

The materials for this agenda item are posted on the Planning Commission website.

dial in by phone +1 253 215 8782 Meeting ID 963 7319 3514 Passcode 968502

Thursday July 29 , 5:30 pm, Tucson Water neighborhood meeting for Special Exception for the Waverly Treat well site for a shade structure to shelter some new equipment. Note this is all within the existing wall around the well equipment. We do not believe this will impact the butterfly garden planning.

dial in by phone: +1 720 707 2699 meeting ID 984 476 1151

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