Treat Ave and Third St. Bicycle Boulevards

From the latest newsletter (PDF, Fall 2019)!

The City of Tucson Transportation Department is planning two bicycle and pedestrian safety improvement projects. The Third Street and Treat Ave. Bicycle Boulevard projects will use neighborhood streets to expand the citywide low-stress biking network by creating north/south and east/west routes to jobs, neighborhood destinations, schools and parks. In November 2018 the voters approved Prop 407 which provided funding for bicycle and pedestrian improvements throughout the city.

Project goals are to:

  • Encourage Walking and Biking
  • Slow and reduce cut through traffic. The posted speed will be 20 mph.
  • Calmed vehicle traffic will provide a more comfortable biking and walking experience
  • Enhanced signalized crossings of major streets will improve walking and biking across busy streets.

One of five workshops to gather input on the Treat Ave and Third St. Bicycle Blvds was held at Himmel Park on October 5. Spread out were aerial image corridor maps for both the Treat Ave Bike Blvd from Aviation Parkway to the Rillito River and the Third Street corridor from Stone Ave. to Wilmot. Participants placed post-it notes with comments on any issue they were concerned about along these two corridors. The Treat Ave route goes through Blenman Elm. Noted on the map were better crossings at both Speedway and at Grant. Also there were numerous notes requesting pavement restoration, a traffic circle or two and a speed table or two. Some wanted sidewalks, some wanted to preserve the water harvesting infrastructure already in place. There were also boards with pictures of the types of crossings: hawks and pavement markings.

For more information, contact Ryan Fagan, Ryan.Fagan@tucsonaz.govor 520-837-6699.

Although the initial fall public input is closed as of October 20, there will be more opportunities for review as the project is more fully developed.Timeline: The initial input from public ends this fall, then fall through spring consultants will take the public input to inform the design of the bicycle boulevards. Summer 2020 construction is to start, finishing in early 2021.

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