Neighborhood Plan Review


In March of this year, a local grassroots citizen organization, Tucson Residents for Responsive Government (TRRG), initiated a process with City of Tucson support to help residents and neighborhoods learn about neighborhood and area plans, how the City uses them, and what the future of these plans may be. (

The “Blenman Vista Neighborhood Plan”, adopted by Mayor and Council in 1986, covers both the Blenman Elm and Catalina Vista Neighborhoods. A committee of three residents of BENA, appointed by President Alice Roe, is currently participating in the process of reviewing the neighborhood plan. They are coordinating with two Catalina Vista residents who are also reviewing the plan.

TRRG’s goals for this process include: 1) determining “universal ideas” from the review of existing plans that could be included in an update of the City’s General Plan, “Plan Tucson”, as recommendations which would apply to any residential area of the City; and 2) address the need and process to update current neighborhood and area plans. Any updates to existing plans will require a public process.

Updates on this process will be posted on the BENA website (this website).

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