Campus Community Relations Committee

[from the Spring 2017 Newsletter]

The CCRC has representatives from 9 neighborhoods that surround the University of Arizona core campus, along with representatives of the City from Wards 3, 5 and 6, Banner UMCT and UA Office for Community Relations.

Upcoming issues: the next iteration of the UA Campus Master Plan and the Planning Boundary. The area that the UA is developing for use has been constrained by set boundaries, that allowed owners outside the Planning Boundary to invest in their properties with confidence that the UA was not planning to take the property for expansion. There should be a discussion with City, UA and neighborhoods when the UA needs to expand outside the current core campus.

The CCRC meets monthly with usually a presentation. Recently the committee learned about the alcohol survey on campus. Members also share information on the students/neighbors interface in our neighborhoods. Issues in West University sooner or later will show up in BENA or Sam Hughes. The sharing is valuable. For issues with students in the neighborhood, please call the UA Community Relations Hotline: 520-282-3649

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