Casa Seton Development (latest news)

Casa Seton Development Update: from the Spring 2018 Newsletter

“Sales continue, now there are only 4 homes remaining unsold of 11 originally planned at the Casa Seton development in Potter Place. We welcome our new neighbors who have purchased their new homes.”

Casa Seton Update (from the Spring 2017 Newsletter)

The houses are going up on the Casa Seton property off Potter Place north of the Arizona Inn parking lot. Currently there are permits for 8 of the 11 properties. One of the big pines may not survive, although Bob Guigino told Alice Roe that they are trying to give the tree all the TLC that it can use. Unfortunately pine trees do not appreciate exposure of their roots. If the pine survives, there will be no sidewalk next to it on the south side of the entrance roadway. Three homes are sold per the Miramonte Homes website:

Older News and Information

The Casa Seton development is the 3 acre parcel where the Casa Seton building with the green tile roof had been in Potter Place before it was demolished last May. Planned are 11 new single story single family homes.

Miramonte Homes has added a Casa Seton Link to its website on which construction activities will be posted on a regular basis:

Construction activity will begin at Casa Seton Monday, February 29, 2016. Initial work will include the removal of the entry pillar on the west side of the entry into Potter Place in order to widen Potter Place, to 2 lanes, from that point at Elm up to the entry into Casa Seton. Site work will also commence next week.

Bob Gugino

Gugino & Mortimer, PLC
4564 E. Camp Lowell Drive
Tucson, Arizona 85712
Phone (520) 577-7171
Cell (520) 977-7737

Background info:

Casa Seton is a new development of 11 luxury homes, being built at 1777 North Potter Place, across the street from the historic Arizona Inn. Miramonte Home Builders is planning to develop the parcel. and is currently working with the City of Tucson on their plans.

Download the Landscape Plan (pdf) and the Drainage Report (pdf) for your review.

Previously, this land and historic building was home to 14 graduate students from the University of Arizona art department in the late 1970’s. It was originally the home of Leighton Kramer, which was originally built in the early 1900’s. Kramer was a polo enthusiast who dreamed up the idea of La Fiesta de los Vaqueros with a couple of his horse-riding buddies.

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