Changes coming for Elm St. West of Campbell

[from the Spring 2018 Newsletter]

As part of Banner’s redesign of the Banner UMC’s main hospital entrance, Elm Street west of Campbell will be widened to allow better staff, patient and customer traffic flow to the new hospital that will open in April 2019. This construction activity will last six months with construction starting this May and vehicle traffic restricted to Exit Only at Elm Street for the duration of construction. All vehicle inbound traffic will enter the campus from Campbell Avenue at Adams or Mabel Streets. The first phase of Elm Street construction begins in April 2018 as the traffic lights will be relocated allowing the road construction to begin in may.

Elm Street west of Campbell will be five lanes wide – 3 lanes eastbound, 2 lanes westbound. This new alignment of Elm west of Campbell will allow traffic to flow smoothly from Elm onto the Ring Road and provides unimpeded access to the hospital’s new north side entrance, surface parking and ER parking. Currently there is not enough stacking space for vehicles exiting to Campbell. The new 3 outgoing exit lanes will help alleviate the stacking challenges. There are no changes planned for Elm Street east of Campbell, except for realigning the traffic signal poles. For questions, contact Senior Project Manager Mark Ostrand, Banner Development and Construction, 480-797-4969.


Palm Shadows project – please come and give your comments on Dec. 11 at 6pm

The Palm Shadows development team is holding a special meeting with Blenman Elm and Catalina Vista residents to discuss the project in more detail on December 11 at 6:00 at the Ward VI office.

This meeting will include a more thorough presentation than was provided at our annual meeting and facilitate more time for questions and feedback since there were time constraints at our annual Blenman Elm meeting.

Please come ask your questions, give your comments. The team need to hear from you now in the planning process.

General Meeting, Thu. Nov. 9, 7:30pm

All residents of the Blenman Elm Neighborhood are invited to attend:


Thursday November 9, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Ward 6, Meeting Room
3202 E First Street


Palm Shadows Redevelopment, Keri Silvyn Tucson Clean & Beautiful, Adopt-A-Street Election of BENA Board for 2017-18, Neighborhood issues Refreshments and social time!